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Where to stay

Where do you want to stay? Phuket is a tourist destination. Most places are gay very friendly. You can choose from a luxury resort, hotels,

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The Gay Scene

Paradise Complex – The gay area of Phuket. Patong Beach on Phuket Island in Thailand is the most famous and developed beach. If you haven’t

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PHUKET is an international destination attracting visitors from Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. With 40+ sandy beaches, access to the amazing Phang Nga

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Update 2020 CoVid-19

24 December 2020
Covid is still keeping tourism in Thailand at bay. You can now enter Thailand but only after a compulsory 14 quarantine. We hope to see you here in 2021. Check with your Thai embassy for details and after your quarantine book our rooms online at 

15 September 
Amazing Thailand is open, IF you are in the country already. Domestic flights are cheap. Expats and Thais are travelling up and down the country trying to make up for lost International tourism. We are still waiting for news about when Thailand will open the borders for International flights and a possible new long stay visa.

The gay scene in Phuket in Paradise complex is at the moment limited to the new Zig club. Phuket Gay Homestay is open and accepts booking from 

From 1 April Phuket went from high season busy to a total lockdown and shelter at home was the law. All tourists gone, airport, hotels and beaches closed and serious travel restrictions imposed. For a destination living totally from tourism this was of course totally devastation.

The build of Phuket international tourism has been an ongoing for the last 40 years and it stopped in just 1 day.
We don’t know when things are going back to normal or more likely a new normal. There are several news sites in English for Phuket. The latest updates are to be found here.

The Phuket news

The Thaiger 

Pride 2020

Pride in 2020

Pride events all over the world are being cancelled because of the Corona virus. Join the online Pride or look back at previous Phuket Pride events. Read more